I am a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix.

I am an adventurist who loves playing on the edge.

My area of expertise is in designing and controlling fantasy role-play scenarios within the context of BDSM, i.e., Bondage, Discipline and Sadomasochism, including fetishisms.  BDSM is predicated on being safe, sane and consensual / risk aware and all of my sessions are negotiated and mutually agreed upon in advance. 

My sessions are intense. I find the most pleasure in severe psychological domination and my favorite implement is my imagination. I enjoy humiliation, degradation, control and containment, corporal punishment, sensory stimulation and deprivation.  I am skilled in all aspects of play including corporal punishment, bondage, role-play, fetish-play, and transformation.

I enjoy sessioning with skilled players and novices.  I play with men, women, couples, straight, gay, trans, gender queer, and offer training sessions to those who wish to learn more about negotiating and controlling a scene, BDSM-consent and safe use of implements. 

Though my sessions are generally severe, they are also playful and spiritual.  As a Mistress and an artist, I work to refine my techniques and find meaning in all interactions. I push limits with the goal of getting my play partner to their most vulnerable state... where fantasy becomes reality and the connection between mind and body is realized.

My sessions are unique and unforgettable.